Vatti Magic Disk-shape Gas Cooktop Won the German IF Design Award 2017

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Vatti Magic Disk-shape Gas Cooktop Won the German IF Design Award 2017

At the beginning of the Lunar New Year, it came good news from the significant global design industry! After awarded nomination of RED-TOP and China Good Design, Vatti Magic Disk-shape Gas Cooktop got greater success and won the German IF Design Award 2017!

IF Design Award came into existence in 1953 and now it has a long history of 60 years. As one of the top International industry Design awards, IF Design Award is known as “Oscar in Design”. With groundbreaking design ideas, Vatti standed out from more 5000 works in 53 countries in this contest, which was another approbation for high-standard design of Magic Disk-shape Gas Cooktop.

Since Magic Disk-shape Gas Cooktop, it has been on the way to triumph and gain innumerable awards. It can be called the “winner” in the range industry. What makes super popularity of Magic Disk-shape Gas Cooktop? How was the “superstar” born out? Today, Vadi will reveal three tricks of Vatti star-making for all of you.

Trick 1 Ingenuity Tradition and Well-grounded Creativity

With audacious and unique design of burners which can be lifted and lowered, Magic Disk-shape Gas Cooktop change traditional people’s impression on cookers, which benefits from focus on craftsmanship of industry design since the founding of Vatti. In 2006, Vatti began to hold many industrial design contests and put them as one important step in products innovation. Through 10 years of process, today contest become an innovation platform for the public, with huge influence at home and abroad more than 300 colleges and universities.  More than 10000 designers benefit from it. It becomes one of the influential industry design contests in the whole country.

As for Vatti, the excellent product design is the symbol for personality and taste of consumers, the general embodiment of enterprise innovation, quality and culture and invisible treasury of the enterprise. Vatti, an earliest enterprise that realizes the importance of products innovation of enterprise development, dedicates to exploring the design of kitchen appliances and promotes design innovation of Chinese kitchen appliances industry.

Trick 2 Practical Design, the Best Design.

   As for a real excellent product design, practicability is always in the first place, which is the core property different from general design. In this point, Vatti Magic Disk-shape Gas Cooktop displays incisively and vividly.

   When the UFO-shaped burner is lifted, cookers not only define the the kitchen space utilization, but also solve the problem of difficulty in clearing for others cookers. More importantly, the design achieves the technology of range-extending floating non-aerated burning. The design utilizes air circulation effectively to get rid of fire attenuation and nozzle fouling. The design can ensure stable flame, and efficiency also is up to the standard of national level, which could be called pioneering patented technology in the industry.

Trick 3 All Inspirations, Come from Love and Wisdom.

Althoung gaining huge popularity in industry design, Vatti knows clearly reputation and prize are not the aims of innovation. Design inspirations of Vatti all come from inconvenience of consumers, which encourage it design more foresighted. Instead of catering to the market preferences, Vatti tends to bring the consumers into the future wisdom kitchen life that they have never experienced.

Vatti always adheres to the brand idea of “more wisdom, more love”. It inputs more intelligence to reduce and remove the defects of kitchen appliances as many as possible, to improve consumers’life quality and offer them an enjoying and happy time with their families.